Record of Title (Mutation)
Eligibility Criteria:
Any person having right of title of any Land or building or dwelling unit or shop or establishment or any other unit within New Town area as Owner/ Lessee (on permission from HIDCO) may apply for Record of Title.

Documents Required:
1.Mutation for individual land/Flat etc.
  • a) Photocopy of Allotment letter issued by WBHIDCO/WBHB or any other sources.
  • b) Photocopy of Possession letter.
  • c) Photocopy of Sale Deed or Lease Deed etc.

2.Mutation for Co-Operative Land:
  • a) Photocopy of Allotment letter.
  • b) Photocopy of Possession Letter /Certificate.
  • c) Photocopy of Sale Deed/Lease Deed.
  • d) Photocopy of Certificate issued by Co-Operative Registration Office.
  • e) A list of original members as mentioned in BYE-Laws.
  • f) A letter of approval of membership from Jt. R.C.S. if changes of membership done after 2011.
  • g) All requisite documents as submitted to Co-op. Societies in case of inducted members.
  • h) Resolution for induction of membership.
  • i) Resolution of formation of current executive committee indicating members portfolios in the committee.

3.Mutation of Flats constructed on Co-Operative land
  • a) Allotment letter as issued by the Co-Operative.
  • b) Possession letter as issued by the Co-Operative.
  • c) Cost of construction as certified by the auditor.
  • d) A copy of occupancy certificate of the building as issued by NKDA.
  • e) Deed of Assignment

4. Devolution Cases:
  • a) Allotment letter of deceased allottee.
  • b) Possession letter of deceased allottee.
  • c) Sale Deed.
  • d) Legal heirship certificate from 1st class Judicial Magistrate.
  • e) Heirship as well as residential certificate from Local Councilor/MLA.
  • f) Death Certificate.
  • g) Declaration (Notarized).

5. Land of JVCS :
  • a) Allotment letter as issued by the WBHIDCO/WBHB.
  • b) Developers Agreement.
  • c) Permissive Possession Certificate.
  • d) Subsequent mutation(s) of Plot/Flat/Shop/Unit etc.
  • e) Photocopy of Certificate of the properties as mutated earlier.
  • f) Sale Deed of Second Purchaser.

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