Registration of Birth & Death

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Citizen of India or outside India can apply for registration of Birth / Death Certificate which occurs in the Jurisdiction of New Town Kolkata Development Authority.

All birth or death Registration is compulsorily be registered within 21 days from the date of its occurrence to avoid delayed procedures.

Application to be made through .

Note:     In case, if Parents cannot able to decide Baby’s Name within this time period, Parents can apply without giving Baby’s (put the Baby’s Name field as BLANK) to avoid Delayed Charges.

Following Scanned Document (within 250 kb) to be enclosed at the time of Application: -

  1. Mother’s ID Card
  2. Father’s ID Card
  3. Birth Certificate issued by the Hospital
  4. Copy of Form-1 (collect duplicate copy from the Hospital)

Application to be made through .

Scanned Document (within 250 kb) to be enclosed at the time of Application: -

  1. Applicant’s ID Card.
  2. Deceased ID Card.
  3. ID Card of the Spouse of the Deceased Person. *
  4. ID Card of the Mother of the Deceased Person. *
  5. ID Card of the Father of the Deceased Person. *
  6. Death Certificate issued by the Hospital.
  7. Copy of Form-2 (you have to collect duplicate copy from the Hospital).
  8. Cremation Certificate.

*Not Mandatory, but needed as proof in case of Family or Land or Asset / Liability, etc. litigations.

Office  - 033-3505-0023

Ricktika Panja – 7003446902

Debojyoti Das - 8967364413








  1. An Affidavit from 1st Class Magistrate mentioning the cause of change / correction / rectification.
  2. An Application Letter to the Chief Executive Officer, NKDA.
  3. Old Certificate.
  4. Copy of ID Proofs.

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It is the duty of every responsible citizen to ensure registration of every birth and death

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