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Location& Details of NKDA Parks

Parks & Gardens

AD Park

AD Block, Action Area I, Newtown, Kolkata – 700156

AI Park

Street Number 10, AI Block (New Town), Action Area I, Kolkata – 700156

Theme Park

Action area I A, MAR, New Town, Kolkata – 700156

Smriti Van

Street Number 97, BA Block (New Town), Action Area 1B, New Town, Kolkata – 700156

AE Park

AE Block, Action Area – IA, New Town Kolkata

CE Park

CE Block, Action Area I, New Town

Sonar Kella Park (BA Park)
CB Park
DB Park
IIB Park
IIC Park

AD Block, Action Area I, Newtown, Kolkata – 700156

IID Park

AD Block, Action Area I, Newtown, Kolkata – 700156

NKDA Cricket Stadium

Action Area IID, New Town, Kolkata – 700136, West Bengal

NKDA Football Stadium

AD Block, Action Area I, New Town, Kolkata – 700156, West Bengal

Subash Chandra Basu Udyan

AE Block, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156

NKDA Activity Park

615, Street Number 545, Action Area IIB, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 156 (Opposite Neem Banani; Near Pencha More)

Professor Shanku Park

AE Block, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156

Apur Sangsar Park

Street Number 131, Action Area 1B, New Town Kolkata

Adoption of New Town Green Verges

Adoption of New Town Green Verges by Foundation, Society, Organization, Individual, etc.

'Green Verges' in New Town, Kolkata are designated pockets developed as green zones by the New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA). Green Verge have been earmarked almost in each residential block within New Town (NKDA Area). The city has been so planned as to have green pockets at regular intervals amidst built-up spaces. “Green Verges” aim to improve the overall green cover of the city and break the monotony of an urban scape. It is a space for physical activity, relaxation, peace, and an escape from heat. Green Verges can contribute significantly to urban biodiversity and ecosystem.

NKDA invites Foundation, Society, Organization, Individual, etc. for Adoption of 'Green Verges', a landmark initiative in participatory planning.

Rules & Regulations for Adoption :

(1) Green Verge land belongs to NKDA.

(2) The authorized representatives of NKDA shall have the right to visit the green verge at any time during the adoption period to check whether it is being maintained properly by the Adoptive Partner or not.

(3) The NKDA authority shall have the right to undertake any development work, if needed for public interest, inside the green verge during the adoption period keeping liaison with the Adoptive Partner.

(4) Any product generated in the green verge during adoption period like fruits, honey, flowers, etc. shall be the property of NKDA, it cannot be taken away by the adoptive partner.

(5) No commercial activities shall be permissible within the Green Verge area during adoption period by the adoptive partner.

(6) All existing uses of the Green Verge (such as opening & closing time, morning & evening walking, playing of children, entry of visitors, use of waterbody, etc.) shall have to be preserved by the adoptive partner during adoption period.

(7) All maintenance cost for the Green Verge shall be borne by the adoptive partner during the Adoption period.

(8) The green verge to be kept neat and clean, free from jungles, bushes, long grasses, creepers. Pathways and sitting arrangements to be kept clean. The existing landscaping, greeneries, plantations to be maintained properly during adoption period by regular watering, trimming, cleaning, providing fertilizer etc. as required.

(9) All existing assets of the Green Verge Such as pathways, streetlights, sitting arrangements, plantations, greeneries, water body, if any, shall be preserved and maintained by the adoptive partner during the Adoption period.

(10) Activities of the adoptive partners shall be limited to beautification, making of landscaping, plantation of trees of valuable species, fruits trees, increase the greeneries area, making more sitting arrangements, etc. during the adoption period. However, prior approval for any activity to be obtained from the NKDA.

(11) The Pond (waterbody), if any, inside the green verge to be kept clean, free from bushes, water hyacinth, floating objects like Plastic/ polythene bags, Thermocol, and other articles.

(12) Pisciculture may be permitted but the product so produced shall be the property of NKDA. Nothing can be taken away from the green verge by the adoptive partner either during or at the end of adoption period.

(13) Any assets, greeneries, plantations, landscaping made by the adoptive partners during adoption period shall be automatically transferred to the NKDA after end of adoption period.

(14) No interference with the existing utility lines passing through the green verge (underground/ otherwise) is permissible. If Any damage caused to the existing assets, utilities during adoption period, the adoptive partner shall be penalized with the mending costs.

(15) The adoptive partner shall be allowed to put up a board of size 2 feet by 3 feet wherein the following should be displayed:

  • Land belongs to NKDA
  • Green Verge maintained by: Name of the adoptive partner
  • Period of Maintenance: …………… to ……………

(16) Tenure for adoption shall be for 11 months, subject to renewal with mutual consent.

(17) Rules are subject to changes by competent authorities at any point of time during the adoption period.

Procedure for Application:

After checking all necessary details and information, proposal may be submitted through email ID: ceo[at]nkda[dot]in with the following details:

1. Name of the Foundation, Society, Organization, Individual etc.

2. Address of the Organization

3.E-mail of the Organization

4.Name of the Nodal Person

5. Mobile Number of the Nodal Person

6. E-mail ID of the Nodal Person

7. Choice of green Verge (To select from List of Green Verges in New Town available for Adoption)

8. Proposed Plantations to be carried out in the Adopted Green Verge

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